Question: Why do people send out Save the date cards AND invitations?

Question by you dont know me: Why do people send out Save the date cards AND invitations?
I mean, to me, its the same thing. Hey were having a wedding on this day. Hey, your invited to the wedding on this day. Why waste the money on what is more or less a second invitation? Shouldn’t you just have to send the invitation? They usually go out fairly far in advance, so wouldnt people still be able to “save that date”?

I dunno, alot of wedding ettiquette really confuses me.

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Answer by Roz
They send this card out so that you will save that date. They are honoring you in a way, as they want to ensure that you will be available to attend their special event.

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  1. WhitePhoenix

    Save the date cards are supposed to be mailed out well in advance of invitations (I’ve heard a year at the most). They have no purpose other than to notify the recipient of the date so they can clear their schedule (ie – request time off from work, etc.)

    The invitations themselves are fancier, contain more information than the Save the Date cards (location, time of day, so forth). They’re generally mailed out much closer to the wedding date. (Depending on the amount of guests invited, I’ve heard anywhere from 3 months to 1 month prior to the wedding.)

    Personally, I just contacted the people I was inviting and said, hey, we’re getting married on this day. Saved money on sending out little cards. :)

  2. Rachel-waiting for 11/21/09

    Save the dates are usually sent out VERY far in advanced of a wedding, sometimes even before the location is set, just the date is set. A save-the-date really only says, we are getting married this date/weekend n this city. The formal invitations will have the date, time, ceremony and reception location and address information for guests to be able to attend. The save-the-dates don’t have any of the specifics, it’s just a “warning” that travel plans will need to be made … and that requires advanced notice for many people.

    They are mainly for out-of-town guests, so they know well in advanced (6 to 8 months) to make travel/work arrangements. If family that will be invited are coming from out of state/province or out of the country they will have to book time off work, flight and hotels. Usually 8 weeks is not enough time to ask for vacation time off, and/or to get the best deal on airfare.

    Wedding invitations usually go out 6-8 weeks in advanced. Someone within a few hour drive, or living in the same city doesn’t need a save-the-date because 8 weeks is enough time to make arrangements to attend (someone living an hour away won’t have to take time off work to attend a Saturday wedding).

    We only sent save-the-dates to out-of-town guests for that reason, which is pretty standard. We have a number of people coming from out of province and country that needed to book time off work more than 6 weeks in advanced, because they are coming into town for like 5 days for the wedding and visiting.

    If you are only inviting local people, then save-the-dates are unnecessary.

  3. Married Oct-18-2009!!

    I personally didn’t send the save the dates out because I feel the same way as you. They are a waste of money but a lot of people send them out just to say “yay we are getting married” and so people can make arrangements if they have too and they are good for if you have a lot of out of town guest that have make travel arrangements. People usually send the save the dates out a couple of months before the wedding and the invitation 4 to 6 weeks before the wedding. (Thats when I sent mine anyway. Other people may do it differently). I don’t see a point in them either but some people feel it necessary to have them. Its totally up to you. You definitely don’t have to have them if you want to save money. Good luck!

  4. Avis B

    A Save The Date notice should be sent out 6 – 9 months prior to the wedding date. The purpose of the Save The Date notice is to notify those people who may have to make “long distance travel plans” or vacation plans well in advance of the wedding date. If your cousin was getting married in June of 2010, wouldn’t you like to know at least six months in advance of that date so you can buy airplane tickets, book a hotel, and save some money for the trip?

    Answered by: A Certified wedding specialist / A Professional bridal consultant / A Wedding ceremony officiant

  5. Mrs♥B

    Save the dates were created for people who were getting married on or near a holiday, or for a destination wedding. They are sent out so people have ample time to get good deals on flights and/or hotels.

    I sent them out because I got married on Labor Day weekend, most people go away or make plans for this weekend far in advance, so we wanted to give them plenty of notice so they can make arrangements to be there if they wanted to. We would not have sent them out if we weren’t getting married on a holiday weekend.

    Some people send them out just because they want to though, and there is nothing wrong with it. Why do you care if they waste their money on that? When it’s your turn, you don’t have to send them :)

  6. melouofs

    It’s redundant, and IMO, unnecessary unless you’re having an out of town wedding someone may need to save money to attend. I usually just toss them when I get them. I see no need to hang onto them for 6 months until I get a real invite.

  7. 11/25/04

    If you send out just an invite,they might have allready made plans the week of your wedding.

  8. Libby

    So people will, you know, save the date. O.o

    Invitations usually go out 2-3 months in advance. That isn’t enough notice for some people. I actually have not been able to attend some weddings because they didn’t give me enough notice. Some people have to save up for airfare, and some people have jobs that require 6 months advance time off notice… or more.

    Giving your guests notice earlier is considerate. I sent our save-the-dates 5 months in advance, since many of our guests would be traveling.

  9. Doodlestuff

    It makes sense to me to send Save the Date cards if your wedding is smack dab in the middle of wedding season. Otherwise, it’s pointless.

    The justification for many is that it lets people who live out of town know in advance so that they can plan a trip (time off, reduced air fare). For many folks, it’s just busy work. I personally wouldn’t bother, but that is just me. I don’t plan to marry during wedding season.

  10. Beth

    I understand the reasoning, but I agree that it’s redundant. I’m planning on sending my invitation out 5-6 months before my wedding so it will serve as a Save The Date AND Invitation. (95% of my guests are out of town, many international, and many in the service) I know it’s not proper etiquette to send it out so early, but in today’s age we just direct everyone to a website anyway.

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